Keeping your yard look beautiful is the best thing. Do you want to get out of the weeds? Are you wondering which lawn mower to use to attain best results from your yard? Well, craftsman push weed eater, the best mower among all, will help you keep your yard clean.

This machine is designed to remove all tall brush as well as thick weeds tackling a large overgrown area. It is well equipped with a Stratton engine and powerful Briggs to make sure the job is well done without interactions. The high wheels of this machine enables you to roll easily on rough surfaces to attain an even cut.transform your yard with this handy tool.


  1. Guide ball
  2. A 12” wheel which is
    well balanced
  3. 6.75 torque engine
    which is well powerful
  4. Adjustable cutting
  5. height
  6. 22” cutting swath


  • The four -cycle Briggs and Stratton engine will make you go through the toughest work.
  • Takes less time to clear out the weeds due the 22”cutting swath.
  • The job is well done and completed by rolling over the trimmer due to a balanced 12” wheel.
  • The machine is accompanied by an adjustable cutting height.
  • Your machine is protected from damage due to the presence of a free-floating guide ball.
  • Easy to start operating the machine as you pull of the rope.

Customer rating and reviews

Craftsman is rated 4 out of 5 stars with 103 customer reviews. 62% of the customers who have bought and used this machine rated it 5 star.

A weed eating monster……..5/5 rating


I was using a hand held trimmer for long and got tired using it. I borrowed this beast from a neighbor of mine and to my surprise it worked wonders. Rolling like a dream,easy to use and above all awesome machine. Eats weeds like crazy.

Simple equipment and straightforward……5/5 rating

For three years, i have been using this machine and it has proven great results. For any job i used it, i got satisfied and the job was completed successfully. Unluckily,the arm broke which is attached to the crank shaft but due to lack of spare parts in Canada, I no longer got the sears and gasket for repair. I recommend my friends to try out this machine.

Great features…….5/5 rating

I took it out the the box and oiled it. I later filled the tank with fresh gas. Immediately on the first pull, it worked great and cut everything to my expectations. I recommend this product to my friend.

Love it !!!…….5/5rating

I bought this machine since i wanted to replace it with another one which i had bought 20 years ago. Am really glad to have it as this is what i expected. It has the power i need

to trim my 2 acre land.

Excellent for blackberries and tall grass……5/5 rating

With my two acres of blackberries and 6′ tall grass, i have seen wonders and great results using this machine. You can maneuver around the obstacles by stopping the trimmer head and while running the engine.

With all these great benefits and special features of craftsman push weed eater, it emerges to be the best in the market. Buy this machine to enjoy all benefits while completing your yards tasks.